The Terracotta Army – is worthy of your fame?

Going to China most wanted to see Wall of China and the Terracotta Army. With such expectations is always a high risk of disappointment. So much to operate a motor that the place will be unique, that when they see it, you feel that it is nice but somehow imagined that it would be better. So I’ve ever had with the Grand Canyon in the USA.


The Terracotta Army, however sensation. Built in the third century BC, the emperor Qin – is the one who first unified China and established himself emperor – the first in history. All this is achieved primarily by killing many of his enemies. His story is a min plot of the film „Hero” Why has created armies.?

One theory is to continue to rule after his death, the other to the army defended him in the afterlife of enemies killed previously.

Army itself makes a big impression, more than 7,000 soldiers who really have a different appearance (facial features and hairstyles) Their horses are done with such precision that even has the urge to caress them. The only difficulty is trying to find a piece of space alone to look at them.

At the main monuments of China feels that it is physically the largest nation in the world. Me thinks himself most of Qin. How crazy or you have to be fascinated by the ruler to employ more than 700,000 people over 30 years to build this army.?

How desperate you have to be to order the walled alive architects along with 48 concubines. And all that none of them could betray the location of the tomb of Qin army.

And as a pro when it certainly was effective because the army found only in 1974.

Xian is impressive smiling and very friendly city. Drive a taxi at night lit by red lanterns walls makes fairytale feel to this great pagoda, which most closely resembles daylight Australian termite mounds. At night, it’s almost a lock with Disneyland.

All come to Xian to see terracotta army. That what no one expects a huge city walls. They surround the old part of the city and are 17 km away. length. On the walls of the rented double bike – a great idea gives a lot of fun and at the same time allows the traveling portion of the debt. The wall is several meters wide and stretches to the horizon. If we have not seen the Great Wall is this building could well emulate him. The difference is only in terms of flatness. Walls in Xian are completely flat, and the Chinese wall meanders through peaks and hills. However, they look the most beautiful at night. What two meters are suspended them famous red lanterns, which I think everyone associated with China or Japan. After lighting at night looks like a sky road to the Chinese palace. It’s one of these views, which is in the imagination.

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